Fearless Nightowls is an animation studio team at CMU’s ETC. The team is working on a live-action animated film called Woodevil, which is a story about a person lost in a soul-consuming forest. 

We were handed the pre-production package from a previous animation studio and will create a pre-production package for a future team.

Fearless Nightowls

Ye "Leon" Wu

Ye "Leon" Wu


Ye Wu, a gameplay programmer and game designer. I love creating funny, meaningful and impactful experiences. I’m currently a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University in the Entertainment Technology Center. My background covers computer science and software engineering. I am now using programming and design skills to create more fantastic games!

Jiadai "JD" He

Technical Artist

Jiadai He is a technical artist/programmer. She comes from a Computer Science background, and she is interested in exploring techniques to create aesthetically pleasing artworks.

Anran "Ariana" Gong

3D Artist

A 3D game artist who is interested in culture and social topics

Rui "Harry" Zhang

2D Artist

Rui "Harry" Zhang. An 2D/3D artist who is interested in creating fictional universe and si-fi fantasy. Harry is particularly bound up in character concept design and is willing to dig into additional studies and researches to enrich his vision related to the concept art development.