Bob spent the weekend making a GUI in Uno Platform. We had a dev question on the forum and we had the impression that it would work.
You can see that question here

The answer from the Zoom dev team saying that it would work with the UNO Platform

Bob Spent the time making this GUI to see how well we can align with the wireframe we are making. Please note that color choice was secondary at this point.

The GUI Made with the UNO platform
The Wireframe from Figma

We spent yesterday night trying to figure out how to import the SDK into the template UNO Platform we had above. Please note that we are using the C# wrapper for the ZOOM SDK. This decision was amplified after our discussion with Bryan Maher who told us he would be able to help more if it was in C#. In addition, C++ development was just soo archaic and complex to do. It was super difficult to find the tutorial that would just work and Microsoft’s documentation was more sided to C# since that was the language they developed and maintained,

The C# Overview

The Surprise Wrench that came to play

Ryan and I worked together to get the ZOOM SDK imported into UNO Platform APP we made and SURPRISE!!!!!
It refused to build 🙁 (that sucked)

It seemed that the UNO Platform was built on top of the .NET Core while the ZOOM SDK was built on top of the .NET platform. (One-word difference that caused such turmoil. We found a link that explained the differences. We couldn’t find a way to circumvent this. It seemed more work to convert the .NET core to.NET Framework

The article that sums up the two frameworks.

What to do?

Ryan posted on the ZOOM dev forum to see what could be done. We knew that would take a day to get an answer from there.

In the end, we still needed a backup in case this didn’t work. We knew that WPF was an option and might work. It would work in XAML so the knowledge we gained from building for the UNO platform wouldn’t go to waste,

We didn’t like WPF because it didn’t have a modern look and we needed to rely on third-party libraries.

For some reason, We Got lucky. in the rush of things, we found an open-source library that fit us well.

Why was this a way to go for us instead of others? Well for the following

  • The Readme was clear on how to get started
    • It was simple to add to the demo SDK project From ZOom
    • No Big libraries to download
  • It seemed super healthy as repo
    • More than 1 contributor
    • Repeated stars and forks
Forks and Stars for the Repository
  • The issue board was still healthy. Where the last closed ticket being 5 days ago and the Open tickets did not overcome the Closed ones.
the issue board seemed healthy
  • There were 5 contributors to the repo
  • It was also taking the WIN UI as a reference and making it available to Windows Vista and later (Which WIN UI doesn’t even do!!!!)
  • The documentation seemed similar to WIN UI which is what the UNO platform was relying on
  • It had a Gallery similar to the XAML controls Gallery

We imported the Nugget Package into the ZOOM SDK demo and everything worked out great.
That’s how we got a golden spike. A UI that’s modern with the ZOOM SDK

Other Resources

There’s this framework but it follows the material design from google instead of the fluent design from Microsoft.
This will be kept as a backup if things break too much down line with the previous one.


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