So we arrived at a point where not everything we wanted was available to us in C#.

We need to get our hands dirty and modify the dll ourselves. (Fun)

We asked a question on the forum and a fundamental function was not available to us. Well that sucks

There was no clear instruction on how to edit the file so we ended up just finding out ourselves by looking at the file.

We noticed later on that simply just editing the header files was not gonna do much. We needed to rebuild them.

This was a nice clue

We also tried to follow the pull requests to the C# wrapper to see how these edits were made

Before doing any major edits. We tried a small edit of adding an isTalking function to the C# wrapper. We did that successfully and didn’t break anything.

Now, we need to get our hands a bit dirtier and implement something scarier such as the iBOCreator class to this

We are updating what we find on the zoom dev forum itself in order to help others who might be struggling. Follow up here

Update on March 24

We talked with Bryan Maher. He mentioned that the wrapper for ZOOM is a bit odd.

He said that we might not need it based on what he saw the dll was doing

We could possibly just import the sdk.dll and use the function directly.

He also motioned a tool called which would do the wrapping itself


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