Feature Development

Following last week’s updates regarding breakout rooms, we remain cautiously optimistic. After having the discussion with faculty, we decided that Plan A creates more complication in ours and teachers’ life than the good stuff that it’ll bring us. Plus, it is not guaranteed to work with the amount of zoom meetings that will need to run on a laptop. So currently, we have shifted gears completely into developing for Plan B and it requires fairly minimal work.

With Plan B, we will still have our extension generate the grouping of breakout rooms. Teachers can configure breakout rooms according to their need that day in class. After that, teachers can then share the breakout room assignment with their class by clicking on “share groups.”

Zoom will then automatically screen share the group formation.

Teachers will need to open up the breakout rooms on their end.

After everyone has joined their respective breakout rooms, the teacher can now visit everyone who is in a breakout room. By clicking “start the BO room”,

And by clicking “join”, teachers can automatically join any of the breakout rooms.

Then, they should automatically switch into the breakout room with your students in there. The original “join” button on the right should now change to “joined” to reflect that you have already checked on that breakout room.

When the teacher joins a breakout room, the participants of that breakout room will emerge on the top of the list of the participants, so it’ll help the teachers take notes.

Our algorithm grouping is also coming together. In order to make sure it is robust, we need to test with a larger group of audience outside just the four of us who are on this project team.

With that, we are developing in full speed and looking forward to more playtests. We are getting closer and closer to the project MVP around our pillars.

Playtest Planning

Speaking of the topic of playtests, we got in touch with our playtest partners who has been fairly busy. We got to show the 8th grade teachers at Nativity School of Worcester a demo of what we currently have for our extension, and have arranged a follow-up playtest for them to try the extension out prior to using this with their class. We have also gotten in touch with the Ellis School who has previously been on their spring break, and we have schedule a follow-up meeting with them to discuss the extension with them.

Conclusion Thoughts

With three more whole weeks of development, we are feeling the pressure, yet confident in our abilities to develop an app that teachers will find useful for remote teaching.



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