we got an update on the Thread about the IBO Creator. We did a whole post before about why it was difficult to edit the C# wrapper to add the functions we needed. This was troubling since this was the core feature of the problem we were trying to address. We have added other functions to the wrapper since then but the IBO creator was too much for us and too convoluted.

Now we were mitigating around it till now. We have been allowing ourselves to share the groups created with the students so they can add themselves to the group they are assigned to.

The group creation

Till this moment we did not have the function to create the Breakout rooms ourselves. So we improvised with a Share groups button .

This allowed the students to see in which group they were in and join the rooms themselves. This was not ideal but we were forced into and was a good compromise till another idea came to mind.

We got updates that when we share the groups it would be preferable that the students don’t know how they were paired.

When sharing with students the settings on top are hidden

There were concerns with this solution

  • we couldn’t trust the students to go to the group they were assigned
  • the Groups still needed to be created in ZOOM for this to work
  • All the rooms were open to everyone meaning students could switch between them

In the playtests we did we always said that this was a technical compromise and not ideal for us.

We always had a hail Mary that Zoom would fix the functionality on their end sooner than later. We posted in the thread here.

We got a promise back on March 24, 2021, that they might be able to fix this themselves. We always had that as a plan D but kept it just in case we got lucky

The promise

We decided to poke back on April 12, 2021 and we got a glimpse of hope

The glimpse of hope that might help us

We were thinking even if there were bugs, we might know enough to fix it ourselves. Now there was a bit of worry on how do we merge the new edits without removing the ones we added. we said we would try our best and just revert to what we had before. Better than nothing.

On April 14, 2021, we get news that ZOOM’s implementation of the wrapper was buggy and didn’t work. Now at this point, we were like COME ON!!!! There were 3 other developers waiting on this functionality other than ourselves. ZOOM couldn’t add the fixes themselves properly and the code wasn’t even open source for people to edit on the fly and add what was needed. The C# wrapper became internalized with no actual for the community to edit it!!!!! (There was this repo but it was forgotten last year with no pull request being accepted since last year!!!!!! It was still on version v5.2.42037.1112 even though we are currently on v5.4.54802.0124 which you can only get from the marketplace)

The Curve Ball!!!

However, there was hope the day after. A community member shared his knowledge on the thread and we regained our faith in humanity. We got a new post the next day pointing to a tutorial on how to successfully add the IBOCreator. the article was fresh off the press and it was only realeased back on March 29, 2021. (https://bumblebee.com.sg/ref/zoomsdk.php)

A group from Singapore published a tutorial on how to add the edits we needed!! We haven’t tried it yet but we are super Hopeful and it seems promising!

Much to our disappointment the APIS were we got were riddled with bugs from the start. Creating breakout rooms would only work sometimes and we couldn’t assign individuals consistently.

You can see the whole list of crashes in the post below. These concerns are recent.




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