Riding on a high coming from the playtest last week, we are resorting away from big feature development and we are going to focus on refining the features we currently have and making those really nice, and incorporating small fixes that are suggested by the teachers. We are also preparing our presentation for softs and trying to showcase our project in a way that will gather the most amount of valuable feedback from faculty.

UI Hi-Fi Design

Our UI/UX designer worked on some final hi-fi versions of the extension this past week with results display in Figma. Here’s an illustration of the question screenshare, now integrated with features being able to share images.

Features Fixes

We have continued with small fixes that we have determined from our playtest.

In the playtest, we were told that the process for students to send in their answers to quiz questions weren’t exactly clear. In order to answer these questions, we previously had to enter in !~ in a chat message as opposed to directly typing out the answers in order to help HAP determine what is a quiz answer, as opposed to everything else that is going on in chat. We now have instructions directing students to direct message the person who is operating HAP (as the HAP operator rename themselves in Zoom, the displayed name on screen will also change accordingly) and input ==, instead of !~ in front of their questions. Questions are also now wrapped by line length.

We also made sure that whenever teacher decides to screenshare a question, it is now in the center of the screen, and immediately sharable. We discovered previously that the shareQuestionWindow will appear behind the main HAP app and we made sure that’s not the case anymore.

We also took a stab at incorporating the breakout room wrapper. It manages to puts everyone in breakout rooms, and all the teacher would have to do would be clicking “Open Breakout Rooms”, which is a slight improvement compared to our Plan B. However, occasionally, HAP would crash. This is something that is unstable on Zoom Dev’s end.

Softs Prep

We are planning our softs presentation. As softs is almost a whole day long event, we wanted to make something that is a bit more memorable for the faculty. We decided that we are going to conduct softs in the context that the app is actually going to be used, which means that we are going to “conduct a mock class”. we will be showing faculty all the extension features while quizzing them and asking them to answer the questions as if they are students. This way, they will be able to grasp an immersive experience. Here’s to a good softs presentation!



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