We opened the week with soft opening, a presentation traditionally done in the building where faculty shuffle around and play with products that are made by each team. Because nothing is “normal” per se this year, softs was conducted through zoom where faculty shuffle through rooms every 15 minutes and we get rapid cycles of feedback.

The week prior we rehearsed our softs presentation. We presented through our extension, talked through each feature as if we are teaching a class, and showcased our features to faculty. We also discussed our playtesting results and such and gathered really interesting pieces of feedback:

  • Mark students according to lo/hi skill level when grouping
  • Make sure we have clear documentation so that its learning curve is as low as possible
  • Compare and contrast with competition products
  • Have clear definition about the strengths and weaknesses of the product

With that, we went ahead and added in these features and made sure we are including the proper comparisons in order to strengthen our finals presentation.

We also added in two new features in terms of zoom data collection, which are the percentage of time of participant talking, and the amount of times that hands are raised. You can see an example of that in the bottom right corner where the list of participants are at. We playtested this in the intro to game design class and gathered some really interesting data.

In order to get our hands on one last teacher playtest and with most schools teachers’ schedule going crazy, we decided that we are going to run a playtest with HAP on our end, with our faculty’s children. Ryan is going to teach a cryptology class next week and that is going to be the summative playtest of the project.

The entire team has been honored to be a part of the HAP journey, and thanks for all those who have been keeping up with our blogs!



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