1. Make sure you have a Windows 10 PC (Preferable for the theme to be in light mode not dark mode)
  2. Download the Zip file from here.
  3. Extract the file.
  4. Go to the extracted file and click on “zoom_sdk_demo.exe.”
Where the file is

Please note that Windows SmartScreen might prevent it from running. We ask you to disregard the message and click on ”Run Anway”

Should I enable SmartScreen in Windows 10? - Ask Dave Taylor
Windows Smart Screen

5. You can login with your own ZOOM account (as long as it’s authenticated via ZOOM and not google, Facebook, or another SSO). Or you can leave the default Zoom account.

The ZOOM Account

6. In the start_join_meeting window, enter in the Meeting Number and the Meeting Password. Please enter in the Meeting ID and the passcode that is in the Zoom invite.

How to enter a ZOOM meeting

7. This is a window that you will see for the extension. You can still access all Zoom functionality through the Zoom Window. Have the host make the extension user host in order to have Zoom host privileges, such as access to screen share and breakout rooms, etc.

8. Feel Free to tell your thoughts via this survey