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Week 11: Toolkit Builtin and Jam Preparation


We announced the Level Design Game Jam date this week and started the preparation. In addition, new functions, features, and demo maps have been added to our content, as requested. Our consultant Tom Corbett helped us create more transparent supporting materials for toolkit users.

Art Updates:

After talking with Tom Corbett, we want our playground to show all the features clearly. Thus, besides putting everything in one big museum, we decided to create another playground called “Level_Tutorial” that put different functional asset displays in different rooms.

In front of each room, there is a preview camera. The designer can find out what asset a room has with this camera.

When the character goes into the room, he can try the corresponding assets.

We choose to put them in different rooms because when a designer only wants to test a specific function, he needs to go all the way to where that asset is in the playgrounds. On the other hand, if he uses these tutorial rooms, he can directly enter that room which is a fast process.

Production Updates:

We announced the Jam date earlier this week. A sign-up sheet was sent to all ETC students and faculties. Our producer reached out to Ubisoft professionals, who we connected with earlier in the semester, as well as Shell Games Experts for a designer roundtable event, as well as being judges for the game jam.
Arrangements were made, including creating a schedule for the day, booking RPIS for the event, planning meals and drinks, and preparing for contenders set up.

Here’s a preview of the jam introduction:

This level design game jam aims to encourage creativity and inspire entry-level or beginner students who want to become level designers or hobbyists interested in game development. Participants will have the opportunity to design a game level using a pack of assets, code, and documentation provided by us.
This game jam is open to all skill levels and backgrounds! UE5 experience is helpful but not a requirement. We are happy to help with any questions you have on UE5 and the toolkit we provide.
Participants must use Unreal Engine 5 and the plugin we provide to create their game levels. Participants are required to submit their game levels by the end of the game jam period in video format. The judging criteria for the game levels will be based on creativity, technical execution, and overall design. Participants can share their work and experience with others, but collaboration is not allowed.
We believe that this level design game jam will be an exciting opportunity for entry-level or beginner students and hobbyists who are interested in game development. The game jam will encourage creativity, inspire participants to learn new skills and allow them to showcase their work. We look forward to hosting this event and seeing what creative game levels our participants will develop.

We laid out the requirement and criteria:

(These requirements are solely created as qualifications for the prize, you have full creative freedom with UE5 and the toolkit if you are not competing for the winning prize)

  • At least 1 type of static models (visual guidance, decorative features, etc.)
  • At least 3 types of interactive objects (hanger, mover, trigger, etc.)
  • Must have at least 1 player start (starting point)
  • Must have at least 1 checkpoint
  • Must have at least 1 end zone
  • Your level should be roughly 2 minutes of gameplay
  • You may only use art assets provided with the LevelUpToolkit or created in the UE editor.
  • You may only use the event and functions provided with the LevelUpToolkit.

Criteria (Criteria levels will be judged by for the prize)

Is this a complete game level

How original or creative is your level

Are there any memorable moments in your level (ex: memorable landmark, memorable player emotions, or memorable gameplay moment)

Looking ahead:

We are all very excited to put our products to the test with the upcoming game jam. A lot of planning went into the preparation. Our team is working tirelessly to create a voiced tutorial for individual functions and any additional supporting materials for our jammers.