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Week 12: Level Design Game Jam


This week we hosted a Level Design Game Jam, which was a total success! We were surprised by the creativity that came through this level design jam. 14 ETC students and faculty members participated in this event. Many of them touched the unreal engine for the first time and were able to build a complete game level within only 6 hours. Here are some of the final submissions:

Tech Update:

New Feature:

  1. Respawn at Initial Point: With the addition of the Respawn at Initial Point feature, players can now respawn at their starting point without the need for any respawn points to be added. This feature is beneficial for players who want to restart a level or who may have made a mistake and want to try again. It adds a level of convenience and flexibility to the game, as players can now respawn at their initial point instead of having to locate a respawn point.

Bug Fixed:

  1. Respawn Without Pole: In a previous version of the game, there was a bug that allowed players to respawn without a pole, even if they had previously been holding one. This bug was causing frustration for players as they were unable to complete certain tasks in the game. However, the development team has since fixed this issue, so players can now respawn with the pole if they were holding one prior to respawning.
  2. Bug Fixed: Hit Effect Triggering on Recovery: In the previous version of the game, the hit effect would sometimes be triggered when the player was recovering, even if they weren’t actually hit by an enemy or obstacle. This was causing confusion for players, as they weren’t sure why the effect was being triggered. The development team has fixed this bug, so now the hit effect will only be triggered when the player is actually hit by an enemy or obstacle, making the game more intuitive and enjoyable to play.

Art Update:

  1. New Pole:
    With an understanding of the importance of pole functions, we decided to update the player pole models. Because our pole was designed to be expandable, we want it to make sense logically and visually. Here’s the updated pole:

2. Large buildings with directional guidance:
We added two large buildings with greater details as visual guidance and signature landmark into the assets package for users to use. Players could identify that these buildings are different from the other urban mesh.