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Week 5: Rapid Prototype

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We are approaching the halfway point of our timeline! On week 5, we met educator Matthew “Hue” Henry, who teaches game engines professionally. With his valuable input, we are pivoting our goals in many ways. In addition to finishing up our game-level demo, we focused on debugging functions and developing new features. We also created the Playground that showcases our assets and functions.


  • Playground built
  • Add more features and themes; a task list was created.

Tech Updates:

Hanging functionality completed. A function was added: make the hanger take the player to a position.

Health System:

  • Structure
  • Damage: Damage Once, Damage Periodic
  • UI: Health Bar, Damage Effect

Organized toolkit interface (tabs, drop-down menu) *Possible categories adjustment in the future*

Measurement tool completed.

Art Update:

Additional 3D assets were added to the library.

Looking Ahead:

Half March 3rd.

Game Jam proposal in work.