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Week 6: Internal Game Jam

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Week 6 is our essential milestone, where we pulled all the work we did together and put them to use in the internal game jam. Our team hosted a pre-jam meeting to introduce each function in the kit for easier use. Then we spent 4 hours testing our production so far. We were excited to use our toolkit and discover what needs to be worked on further. In this week’s blog, you will see the updates as usual, and instead of writing about the process, we will give you a visual representation of our game jam.

Internal Game Jam Footage

Art Updates:

  • Pre-made level in Maya
  • Modularizing the model import to the engine
  • Sample level in Unreal

Tech Updates:

  • Finished the pole’s animation blueprint
  • The avatar can crouch
  • Improved pole vault animation
  • Fixed the infinite sprint bug
  • Events can be triggered by multiple buttons.
  • Triggering an event can have a delay.
  • The avatar can get down along a pipe.
  • The avatar can move upward with hanging.
  • The avatar can hang and climb over a wall.
  • Conveyor Belt Blueprint
  • Security Camera Blueprint
  • Research on drag and drop in the toolkit (unsolved)

Looking ahead:

The halves presentation is next week. We are doing our best to fix bugs and improve the toolkit before that. In preparation for our half presentation, we are meeting our instructors as a team to rehearse the presentation.