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Week 7: Half Presentation


We made it to the halfway point of this semester! We spent a good chunk of this week working on our half presentation. This project doesn’t have a waterfall structure because we spent a lot of time researching, learning, and discovering the truth of level design in the AAA game industry. Team Level Up loved every moment of talking to professionals, getting insight from educators, and creating features level designers love or hate (educational purpose). The story of our journey isn’t a full script with a clear start, goal, or end. Piecing all the little things we did was extremely challenging. However, we believe we stitched all the little sparks and adventures together, telling a structured narrative about how challenges have been conquered thus far.

Looking ahead:

Our team believes there is a healthy amount of events and functions in the Level Up Toolkit content. As the presentation stated, we will focus on improving the character movement animations and functions. In addition, we plan to gather more static assets for art for decorative purposes. We aim to provide enough content for students to create a level that plays well and looks good enough to be a portfolio piece. Besides the stander assets package, we also want to offer some utilities such as player movement matric visualization and bounding box duplicating to help speed up the layout process.