Week 1 & 2 -Client Meeting/ Brain storming

For week 1&2, our goals are setting up the equipment and starting brainstorming after visiting our client.


In this project, we will be using Meta Quest Pro to create a glassblowing VR experience


  • Producers: Aldora, Ariel
  • Programmers: Kristin, Jialu
  • Artists: Laura, Aldora, Ariel, Sol
  • Designer: Ariel, Aldora, Sol
  • Research/Sound:Sol

First PGC Visiting 

On Jan 17th, we had our first visit to Pittsburgh Glass Center. Our team watched and  experienced glass blowing at the hot shop, then had the first meeting with our client Valerie and Jason.

Final goal

A VR experience that highlights the beauty of glassmaking process and let the youth appreciate the hard work of glass makers


Plans for next week

Next week, we will present our initial ideas to faculty members on ¼ walkarounds and collect their feedback.We will revise our design using the feedback from 1/4. Technical research will be starting from next week based on the revised design.