Week 3 – ¼ walkarounds

This week, we had our 1/4 walkarouds, and we started technical research focusing on hand gesture detection. Technical issues are the biggest challenge after quarter.


An educational and immersive VR experience that highlights the beauty of glassmaking and evokes youth’s appreciation of Glassmakers

Focusing on the safety training, technique and accuracy aspect

Freedom for guest’s creativity

Target user

middle/ high school students (12+)


  1. Bring glassblowing experience to classrooms in regional area

2. Evoke youth’s appreciation for glassmaker

3. Familiarize user with glassblowing

Experience flow chart

Timeline for future development

Plans for next week

For next week, we will have our initial results of technical research. We’ve scheduled our second visit to PGC to do some further research regarding the glassblowing process. We will revise our design based on the research results and start to build the first demo.