Week 4-Tech research and second visit

This week, our programmers successfully tested out the hand detection on Meta Quest Pro. We also had our second visit to PGC, experiencing making ornaments and paperweights at their hot shop, attending our client’s gallery opening night, and interviewing a couple of glass artists.

Hand gesture detection

We tested out how to use hand gesture detection on Meta Quest Pro, hand grabbing will be the key input in our experience.

Second Visit to hot shop

All of our team member experienced making paperweights and ornaments at hot shop, we decided to replicate the making process of ornaments in our VR experience

Glass artist interview

We attended the gallery opening night of PGC

We also had the chance to interview a couple of glass artists and invited them to give opinion of glass making.

Plans for next week

For next week, we will have our first demo and start playtesting right away. Below is the schedule of our playtests.

Playtesting – faculty instructor’s play test

Time:Next Wednesday(Feb 15th)

Playtester: Scott Stevens, Shirley Saldamarco

Playtesting – client’s play test

Time:Next Friday(Feb 17th)

Playtester: Jason Forck, Valerie Bundy

Playtesting – K12 play test

Time:Next Wednesday(Feb 24th)

Playtester: 8 Middle school students(age 12-14)