Week11 – Playtest feedback & everything about Blaze

We successful conducted the playtest with 11 groups playtest last Saturday. This week, we are mainly focusing on optimizing our experience based on the feedback we received on the playtest day.

Plus, we started our one last sprint aiming at both creating the gallery scene and bringing the PGC mascot Blaze into our experience as the virtual assistance.

Playtest Day Feedback

  • The Direction of the Pipe is confusing (green / black / new pipe)
  • Did not have a clear understand of what is what in the hotshop
  • The point of view is too high
  • Some of them skipped a stage and they didn’t notice
  • Lost the blowhose at the blowing part before finish blowing
  • The attach feature might seem a little weird to some playtester

Blaze Placeholder Demo

Basic API:

  • Move from current position to target position
  • Display dialogue bubble according to the script

Blaze Placeholder – To do

  • Play Animation while …
    • Moving (what about just flying up & down )
    • Speaking (mouth/gesture?/…)
  • Play Voice Sound following the dialogue bubble
  • Replace Placeholder with Final Model
  • Implement it into main scene according to gameplay status

Blaze- Narrative Design

New steps added to the script:

  • Water fountain step
  • Asking the guest to make something for the upcoming exhibition
  • Art gallery walk around

Blaze – Model WIP

Hotshop Arrangement Changed


Gallery Scene under development

Plans for next week

Next week, we will be implementing the model, voiceover, text script we’ve been working on this week. We’ll also be preparing for the playtest in the soft opening week.