Week8 & 9 – Iteration

From week 8 , we started a two week sprint which is aiming at April 1st playtest day. Week 9 was a conference week, Laura and Ariel went to GDC in San Francisco, Jialu and Kristin went to Pax East in Boston, but we managed to work remotely during the conference week. Blow are the plans of the past two weeks and two demo videos showing our newest feature.

Development Plan – Next sprint aiming April 1st playtest

Deliverable for April 1st:

  • A complete playable version with
  • Programming – complete the yellow steps of ornament making(get it off the pipe, add handle, water fountain), fixing issues
  • Art – Texturing all the 3D Assets we currently have
  • UIUX – Add voiceover/ text instruction, simple start/ending scene

Goals for playtest:

  • Further testing the functionality of the blowing pipe
  • Testing the layout of the environment 
  • Testing if the guest will be able to walkthrough the entire experience under the voice/text instruction 

Tube Demo

We added the tube feature into our experience

  • tube is connected with one end of the blowing pipe and the straw
  • Real-time movement with physics
  • Flexible interface to change size, length,  bones

“Taking the ornament off the pipe” Feature

The last action needed from player – taking the ornament off the pipe is added to the experience

Cyber whiteboard for the conference week

In order to manage our team and work schedule during the conference week, we created an online whiteboard for team members to look at and collaborate effectively online.

Plans for next week

Next week, we will have April 1st playtest on Saturday, so we will being focus on fixing bugs, ceating and playable build for the playtest. We will also add sound effect and continue developing gallery scene