Real Empathy

In virtual worlds, feel real empathy.

Build a safer place for healthcare providers to learn identification sensitivity, understand what patients are experiencing, and react with the corresponding caring level.

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What Is Real Empathy

Virtual Reality

Build a safer place for healthcare providers to learn. 360 VR videos brings Immersion and fidelity for stimulation. 

Artificial Intelligence

Imitation of clinical interviews. Healthcare providers can talk to our smart patients like a real conversation.


Examine users’s empathy level according to scenarios. Provide invisible data for further empathy evaluation.


Liang Yen (Leo) has various backgrounds in Personal Game Studio, Themed Entertainment, Comedy Acting, Fintech Startup, and Hedge Fund.

Liang-Yen (Leo) Chou

Producer / Experience Designer

Martin is a gameplay engineer. He enjoys realizing cool game features. In this project, he primarily worked on providing solutions to various technical challenges.

Tianrun Ke

Software/Gameplay Engineer

I work as an artist and a designer in our team projects, where I’m focused on 3D Modeling, game design and environment setting.

 Zijun Lin

3D Artist

Shanshan is a UI/UX designer who focuses on user experience and problem solving. She hopes to continue to create meaningful experiences for people and bring greater value to the world through her skills and exploration.

 Shanshan Yuan

UI / UX Designer


Partners & Clients

Paula Davis

Naudia Jonassaint

Elvira Hoff

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Real Empathy.

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