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Week 11&12 – Let’s Start Polishing!


After consulting with CS teachers, we are now very confident in our direction as we have confirmed that we are targeting a very specific use case and our design is validated. Now what’s blocking us from getting to a usable product in the classroom is just A LOT OF POLISHING. So that’s exactly what we did this week.

Change Log

With a week of debugging and polishing we’ve generated a pretty long change log.

  1. Pop-up message system to send notifications.
  2. Show object name & Grid to better help players select objects and understand units
  3. Code Block: String Input -> Slider to avoid typo and support quicker input
  4. Player can now record their animation into an MP4 file
  5. Object icons are fixed
  6. Video tutorial for every phase
  7. Event “Signal” block fully functional
  8. New mouse cursor
  9. Other minor UI & Text changes