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Week 3 – 1/4s Walkaround and Three Potential Directions


After the background research, we now think that we have a solid understanding of the problem space and we are ready to present our problem space to faculty for 1/4s walkaround!

Halves Preparation

We prepared for halves by collecting everything we learned from research and summarizing them into big posters that we hang on the wall.

We broke everything down into 8 sections:

  • Project Statement
  • User Persona
  • Use Case & Platform
  • Biggest Challenge
  • Research – 3D Scene Building Experiences
  • Research – Programming Games
  • Research – Realtime Collaboration Tools
  • Three Potential Directions

Halves Feedback

Wednesday came and we presented our work to the faculty, who then gave us a lot of great feedback. Here’s a quick summary


  • Why collaborate?
  • Why block programming? Would middle schoolers find block programming way too easy?
  • Would making them work in silos get away from collaboration?
  • What’s the focus?
    • Learn to collaborate?
    • Collaborate to learn?
  • Are middle school students really opposed to collaboration?


  • Watch middle schoolers play Minecraft
  • Use Figma as a testing ground
  • Take advantage of ARENA
  • Talk to coaches/teachers
  • Consider anonymize students
  • They might have opinions of each other
  • NHSGA is a high school version of this experience


  • Color Water Pipe, past etc project that inspired schell games
  • PICO CTF 2021 Project
  • Previous Alice ETC Project
  • Wick Editor
  • Muppets
  • Codespark
  • World Peace Games


Overall the biggest takeaway we had were that The relationship between Collaboration and Learning is unclear. There was a huge difference between “Collaborating to learn” and “Learning to collaborate” because collaboration is also a skill and we should decide if we want to use our experience to teach it as a skill, or just use collaboration as a way to help students learn other educational contents