Week 11 – April 5th, 2024

Work Preparation:

We’re excited to announce three major updates in the build:

  • The new level has been constructed using Tilemap, with updated colliders and decorations.
  • Light pickups have been implemented, which can be dropped when an enemy is defeated. These pickups help refill Hum’s light.
  • The controls for Hum’s separate mode have been polished.

We are eagerly anticipating the playtest on Saturday and looking forward to hearing players’ feedback on the new level and controls.

Level Built w/ Tilemap

Based on the level design sketch iterated upon last week, we have updated the level using Tilemap. Special thanks to our artist Derek for providing a variety of tileable assets, such as dirt textures, floor textures, and brambles, which can be easily layered out with Tilemap.

In addition to adding a new tutorial section, we have also relocated one valve closer to the furnace, currently situated at the right side of the furnace. This adjustment prevents the valves from being too crowded together, all located on the top left. Our intention is to provide players with an easier win closer to their starting point.

New Control for Hum 

We have modified the control scheme for separating the player and Hum, as well as moving Hum around. Previously, players, particularly those using keyboard and mouse, would often accidentally click the left mouse button, which was the previous key to separate Hum and the player. Subsequently, they would discover that the player was freezing in place even when they pressed WASD, as they had activated Hum’s move mode already. In this mode, the player cannot move, and the WASD keys control Hum instead. This confusion and potential annoyance, especially during combat, prompted us to make adjustments.Players also occasionally forgot to re-click the left mouse button to switch back to Hum follow mode. 

To address these issues, we have revised the Hum control as follows:

On keyboard and mouse: Hold the left mouse button to separate Hum and the player. Hum will now follow the mouse cursor.

On controller: Hold LB to separate Hum and the player. Hum will now follow the right thumbstick.

By requiring players to continuously hold the input key, either LB or the left mouse button, we aim to reduce the likelihood of accidentally entering Hum move mode and ensure that players are aware of the control state.

Light Pickups

In this build, we have introduced a new feature where enemies will drop light refill loot that can be picked up. There are several reasons behind this decision.

Firstly, we aim to make combat more rewarding. We have observed that some players tend to avoid fights, which is completely fine. However, for those who engage and defeat enemies, we want to provide them with rewards for their efforts.

Secondly, implementing this feature allows us to strategically control the distribution of light refill items. By determining which enemies drop refills and at what rate, combined with the presence of campfire light refills, we can effectively plan the distribution of light resources throughout the map. This also enables us to adjust the difficulty level by regulating the availability of light as a limited resource.

Visually, when the player comes into contact with the light pickups, they will fly towards Hum and automatically refill the light meter.

More Ground Assets

This week, artists are moving forward with the thematic plan for the final level map. For a recap of the thematic direction, the beginning of the map will be more organic and primordial with plants, rocks, and animal skulls. The inner part of the map will reveal more of the identity of the giant’s library with more books, carpets, bookshelves, and wooden floors. Artists had finished two variations of the carpet and rocks. Next week after the soft opening, artists are planning to finish most of the ground assets that serve as landmark purposes.

Progress Report:

  • New level art pass
  • Made the valve on/off more obvious
  • Made more sounds and implemented it
  • Redid the bullcap death frame
  • Made some Enchanterelle animation and implemented it
  • New interior assets made
  • Light pickups done
  • New Hum controller
  • Recorded number of candles obtained
  • Prepared for the Saturday Playtest Day
  • Weekly blogs

Plan for next week:

  • Make more combat sounds and implement it
  • Make more Enchanterelle animation and implement it
  • Player able to burst the crystal (glowing when Hum get close by, 100% glowing when Flashed)
  • New interior assets made
  • Saving / checkpoints
  • Polish upgrade system UI 
  • Prepare for the Soft Opening
  • Weekly blogs


  • Need to explore the design possibilities and get feedback from playtesters
  • Need to prioritize the feedback we get from Saturaday Playtest Day playtesters
  • Need to implement sounds into the game as soon as possible