Week 13 – April 19th, 2024

Work Preparation:

Based on last week’s team decision, this week marks our final opportunity to add in new content and features into the game. Recognizing that team members are occupied with elective courses and final projects, we have rescheduled the build lockdown day to this Friday, instead of Wednesday.

Before the content freeze, we successfully integrated some last-minute features that we’re excited to introduce into the game. Firstly, we’ve implemented a tutorial system. This feature provides prompts and instructions tailored to players’ progress within the game, ensuring a smoother learning curve. Secondly, we’ve refined the game’s user interface (UI). This includes enhancements such as implementing speech bubbles for NPC interactions and refining text fonts and colors, resulting in a more cohesive and user-friendly UI experience.

In addition to these in-game features, we have also begun work on the final game trailer and the post-mortem analysis, which will show our reflections on the semester’s development process.

Implemented Tutorial

Before this week, we had already built out the tutorial level and had a basic idea of what we wanted players to learn in this area. This week, we further refined our teaching objectives and, more importantly, determined when to introduce these concepts. Here are the key points we aim for players to understand upon completing the tutorial zone:

  1. Light is safe, darkness is dangerous: We convey this message by putting players in a low-light scenario at the very beginning of the game. Mites, enemies that emerge only in darkness, begin to chase the player. Upon reaching the campfire, players replenish their light source for Hum, gaining better visibility and witnessing the immediate vanishing of all mites within the light radius.
  1. You can control Hum independently: In the tutorial section, we present a candle that players cannot directly interact with. Instead, they learn to control Hum separately and to ignite the candle, demonstrating Hum’s unique abilities.
  1. Lit candles grant upgrade points: After players move Hum independently and illuminate the candle, we introduce them to the Hum upgrade menu. We prompt them to unlock the Flash skill, emphasizing the importance of utilizing lit candles for progression.
  1. Learning about Flash and combat: We educate players on the Flash ability, which allows Hum to stun enemies at the cost of light. Additionally, we provide instruction on basic combat mechanics.

By structuring the tutorial in this manner, we ensure that players grasp essential gameplay elements while smoothly progressing through the introductory phase of the game.

Polishing the UI

This week, we focused on refining the game’s UI. Firstly, we introduced a speech bubble feature to indicate when NPCs have dialogue to convey, prompting players to interact with them.

Additionally, we addressed font readability by transitioning to a new pixel font style consistent with the game’s art direction. Initially, the chosen font posed readability challenges for players. Consequently, we sourced a new font that offers improved readability while maintaining the desired aesthetic coherence.

Looking ahead, post-semester, we plan to implement a feature allowing players to toggle the pixel font effect on and off. This implementation aims to enhance accessibility and accommodate varying player preferences.

Beginning Cutscene Storyboard Finished

Taking feedback about the narratives from the soft opening, the cutscene for the beginning are polished and finalized for the final demo.

Progress Report:

  • More sound effects implemented
  • Implemented Michael’s music into the game
  • More environmental assets: camp base, mushrooms
  • Polished the storyboard
  • Implemented the tutorial section
  • Implemented the reaction bubbles for NPCs
  • Changed font and text color in game
  • Saving + checkpoints done
  • Started on the trailer
  • Bug fixing
  • Weekly blogs

Plan for next week:

  • Bug fix
  • Implement a start menu
  • Polish the tutorial to be platform smart
  • Finish trailer
  • Weekly blogs
  • Post-mortem
  • Prepare for final presentation


  • Need to lockdown the build this week to save time to prepare for the final
  • Need to prepare for the Finals