Hello, this is Team Flow~

Linaixuan Wang

Producer/ Creative Director/ Sound Designer/ Dancer

Linaixuan (Nina) Wang is a producer and designer passionate about creating narrative-based interactive immersive experiences.

Nina is the creative director leading the overall artistic vision and the producer executing the logistics of Flow.

Christine Jung

Technical Environmental Artist

Christine is a technical artist / 3D artist focusing on visual satisfaction, immersive content, and interdisciplinary fields of art and technology.

For Team Flow, she’s taking a role of Technical Environment Artist, utilizing her skills of procedural modeling, shader creating, world building.

Laura Yang

VFX Artist/ Technical artist

Laura is a technical environment artist passionate about VFX, look development, and lighting. She thrives on cross-platform projects, creating aesthetically meaningful visuals and immersive experiences.

In Team Flow, she is working on various stylized VFX, shaders, and procedural modeling to bring the guest into a magical world.

Ashling Tu

2D &3D Artist/ Level Designer  

Ashling is a concept artist and environment artist. She possesses professional concept art skills and technical ability for a immersive world.

In Team Flow, Ashling is responsible for concept, art directions and 2D & 3D art assets.

Shih-Hung Liu

Programmer/ Lead gameplay Engineer

Shih-Hung Liu is a seasoned programmer who has a passion for building all kinds of user-facing applications.

In Team Flow, he’s in charge of designing and mapping guest’s physical movement into interactions with the virtual world.

Jiajian Zhang

Programmer/ Technical Animator

Jiajian is an interactive programmer who is exploring to bring more digital interactive content into the Location-Based Entertainment Industry.

In Team Flow, he is working on hardware logic and animation creation.

Flow~ Family Photo~

Faculty Instructor

Ralph Vituccio

Ralph Vituccio is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), as well as teaching in the IDeATe and the English Departments at CMU. At the ETC, Ralph lead a number of award-winning student interactive projects dealing with social issues such as an interactive graphic novel addressing sexual assault on college campus and a Virtual Reality interactive experience exploring racial profiling which was presented at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.

Website: https://www.etc.cmu.edu/blog/author/rv0a/