Elevate the personal spaces
where Z’ers
tap into their feelings with music.

About the team

OurBlues is a six-person multidisciplinary graduate student team at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center sponsored by Deeplocal to allow ETC students to experience what it is like to work in a creative technology and experience design firm. The prompt for the team is to create a self contained product that elevates the personal spaces where Gen Z can tap into their feelings with sad music, transforming the space based on their unique music taste

The team is creating a “window to your music,” a device to be installed next to the bed of the user. This window will display content that reacts and changes to the music played by the user, with shifting environments based on data from each song. Making use of LED screens and projection in unique ways, the team is exploring how to make a flat surface look and feel like a real window.

Our project’s metrics are: client requirements, art style, and playtesting. We think if we could achieve these three standards, it world be a successful project to us.

Our Product Blue View

OUR Product

We created a “window to your music,” the Blue View, to be installed in the personal bedrooms, that celebrates sadness and reacts to the vibes of their sad music.

Our Client

Our client Deeplocal is an award-winning creative technology and experience design agency based in Pittsburgh. It creates and builds experiences that help brands tell their stories and connect with their audiences in new, unexpected ways.

In this project, Sean Scanlan and Jake Marsico teach us to understand the client’s perspective, providing prompts, and also giving us feedback every week. We are working on the project which Deeplocal pretends to be a famous music streaming brand and we pretend to be Deeploacal to go through the experience design process.


Moshe Mahler is our instructor for the project. He is an award-winning professional innovator and storyteller whose work has been featured in attractions at Disney Parks and Resorts and shown worldwide at prestigious venues including SIGGRAPH, UIST, Comic Con, and Ars Electronica. For nearly a decade, Mahler led The Creative Technology Team at Disney Research of The Walt Disney Company, where he served as the Principal Artist. Under his supervision, the team worked hand in hand with elite Research Scientists to invent and utilize new technologies across the Walt Disney Company, collaborating with Pixar, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Disney Consumer Products, Disney Television Animation, Imagineering, and more. Mahler has authored more than 10 technical paper publications at premiere conferences and is an inventor of four issued patents. He has also contributed to dozens of publications in the computer graphics and animation fields. Mahler’s art works and animated films have been featured in a number of venues internationally, including SIGGRAPH 2005, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017.