About Us


Patrick Cheng

Programmer, Co-Producer

Patrick is a passionate and driven programmer with solid and diversified experience. As someone with a strong interest in VR/AR development, Patrick likes to utilize the latest technology and platform to create fascinating immersive experiences. He obtained his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science Engineering from the Ohio State University focusing on Software Development, along with expertise in games, mobile apps, and engineering design. Patrick also is a photographer that has received multiple awards for his artwork.


Shiyong Chen


Shiyong Chen is a technical game designer and gameplay programmer from China. He has 3-year work experience as a game designer in Funplus. Now he is trying to learn more about game development in Entertainment Technology Center.


Kyungseo Cho

3D Artist

With sculpture/installation background, Chloe has a strong skillsets with working cross-dimensions, alternating from not only physical to virtual, but also 2D to 3D. Currently she is focused on creating 3D art in projects, yet she often takes a role in 2D art as well.


Yu Xi Lee

3D Artist, Animation

Yu Xi is a 3D animator and artist with a computer science background. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science with a concentration in Human Computer Interaction, minor in Game Design, and minor in Animation and Special Effects. She came to ETC to explore how to bridge her skills in 3D art and computer science to cultivate joyful experiences that give people a break from their hectic lives.

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Jingyu Xie

Programmer, Co-Producer, Sound Designer

Jingyu Xie is a game designer and developer with multidisciplinary backgrounds varying from game designing, programming, and sound production. With the passion of creating virtual worlds that everyone can enjoy, he selected the game development field during undergraduate period, and he is still on his way to the target.