Chapter 11 – Candy House in the Kingdom of Stories

Week 11: April 3, 2023 – April 9, 2023

Blog entry by Damian Xie

Summary of the week: We iterated and updated our UI design this week based on the results of last week’s playtest, and our programmer Yanyan was fully engaged in bug fixing this week. We also started working on our second story demo, and we finally chose Shampoodle as our second story. The whole team went to the Museum Lab on Sunday, Easter Day, to install the props we had prepared in advance and to record some footage that we could put in our trailer. The whole semester is coming to an end!

Meet our giant owl

Felicia and Randi made an oversized owl prop to showcase our Arduino device in order to ensure a good test on Sunday.

In the end it works great! (It’s just a bit of a pain to carry ……)

Bugs Fixing

After getting the feedback from last week’s Playtest, we organized and summarized the existing bugs, and our programmer Yanyan started to solve them one by one according to the priorities we discussed, and we’ve been working hard for our tool to work properly!

We have basically solved all the existing problems and are still working on moving forward!

Sensor Kit process

Lauren consulted with Bryan this week on all lasers cut related matters and drew up the plans and finished making the solid parts.

Thanks to her hard work, we finally have a good little home for all our equipment.

Design Documentation

In order to ensure that the document would be used by our clients in the future, we passed it to Anthony, a representative of ETC and The Children’s Museum, who gave us some feedback, including the following:

  • split the content of the document and click on the links to jump to the separate document.
  • cut down the content that was not related to the user’s identity.
  • add some logos of the project team in the footer of each page.

Second Story Demo

We finished the interaction design for our second story this week, and to ensure the ubiquity of our tool, we purposely chose a different type of story than the last one, about people taking their family dog to a pet salon to get styled for a photo day at the park.

Part of our story interaction design.

Playtest in Assembly Hall

Our group went together on Sunday to assembly hall, where we needed to hold the event, to test all the technical and equipment content on site.

This week we successfully completed the last story content design and continue to fix bugs in our tools, and we are now looking forward to the final product with great confidence!