Story Studio

Story Studio was formed thanks to a team of creative and energetic designers, programmers, artists and engineers to design a set of tools for developing interactive narratives for the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Lori Kipp


Lori is currently a second-year student at the ETC who hopes to go into location-based entertainment. In May 2021, Lori graduated with both department and university honors after completing her BS in Mechanical Engineering, an additional major in Psychology, and a minor in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University. She has participated in several themed entertainment design competitions and is a member of TEA and IAAPA.

LinkedIn: Lori Kipp | LinkedIn

Portfolio: Home (

Wenlong Yan


Wenlong Yan is a programmer and a game designer. He passionate about the game industry and multiplayer games. He wants to become a gameplay programmer postgraduate.

LinkedIn: Wenlong Yan | LinkedIn

Portfolio: Wenlong Yan

Randi Ouyang

2D Artist

Randi Ouyang is an interdisciplinarity new media designer. She has experience in a wide range of creative fields, including textile, game, illustration, and installation.

LinkedIn: Randi Ouyang | LinkedIn

Portfolio: Randi_Ouyang (

Lauren Platt

Hardware Engineer

Lauren Platt is a mechanical engineer and experience designer with a background in haunted houses, escape rooms, puzzle hunts, animatronics, and location-based entertainment. She plans to work in theme park design and engineering after graduation.

LinkedIn: Lauren Platt | LinkedIn

Portfolio: Home (

Damian (Zongze) Xie

Narrative Designer

Damian (Zongze) is a professional narrative designer and technical designer focusing on game design and storytelling. He worked for several companies in the game industry. He used to be a full-time narrative designer in YOOZOO Games for a year and finished internships (as a narrative designer intern) at Respawn Entertainment (EA) last summer.

LinkedIn: Zongze(Damian) Xie | LinkedIn

Portfolio: Damian Xie

Xinyu (Felicia) Li

UX/ UI Designer

Felicia Li is a UX / UI designer passionate about improving the lives of others through design. She has experience in web UX & UI design and is constantly looking to learn new things every day.

LinkedIn: Xinyu (Felicia) Li | LinkedIn

Portfolio: Xinyu Li’s Portfolio (

Ruth Comley


Ruth Comley is an educator that has been teaching undergrad and graduate classes for 24 years in the areas of digital art, experience design, and project management. She has a Specialized Associates degree in Industrial Design, a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, and a Masters of Entertainment degree in Entertainment Technology.   Currently, Ruth is an Assistant Teaching Professor at Carnegie Mellon University where she teaches classes in Project Production, Digital Art, and Experience Design.  She is also a Founding Member of Stage and Steel Productions and an active Board member of Striplight Community Theater.  There she designs and produces seasonal festivals and events while also writing, producing, and directing theatrical plays.

Faculty link: Ruth Comley | Entertainment Technology Center (

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