Chapter 14 -The Finale

Week 24: April 17, 2023 – April 30, 2023

Blog entry by Damian Xie

Summary of the week: This week is the last week of the whole semester, and we are coming to the end of all the work, everyone is working hard to be able to make the best presentation in the Final Presentation. Programmer is working on fixing the last load and save functions. Lauren and Damian revised our README project documentation and try to add our team style for branding. Felicia finished our final demo video and tutorial of using our tool. Randi finished further development documentation to help future developer work properly. Lori responsible for our final presentation PPT and the whole team did rehearsal together for our final performance.

Video tutorial of using tool

After watching the video, our users can easily and intuitively understand how to operate and edit our tools to create the interactive story content they need, and we are also trying to use the tools to create our second story demo.

Felicia also designed our tutorial cover.

Final demo video

In order to showcase the tools, we created and the story content we produced with them in the limited time available for the final presentation, we created a video to showcase our work.

Here is the link of our Video:

Revise the main documentation

For the final product this semester we wanted to deliver a super detailed and easy to understand document to our customers, so based on the feedback we received from our previous meeting with Anthony we categorized the existing documentation into multiple modules and created a number of separate documents to describe each of the components you need in detail, which also made our documentation a bit too redundant, so we needed to explain and reorganize and categorize the existing documentation.

We add our cute logo in very page.

Further Development Documentation

We expect that future developers will be able to do more based on our existing foundation, so we leave this follow-up document to guide future developers to solve the existing problems while better developing the tool into a finished product.

Final presentation PPT

Lori led a group of us through our Final PPT and we rehearsed the content based on what was available.

Final presentation PPT

I can’t believe that the semester is over, it all felt like it was in a flash. From the beginning, after many twists and turns, we finally found a workable direction and produced a relatively complete product, I am surprised and proud of our results. Well done, Story Studio!