Chapter 6 – No Signal Place

Week 6: February 20, 2023 – February 26, 2023

Blog entry by Damian Xie

Summary of the week: This week we went to the museum lab to test the promethean performance and system. Then we tested the user feedback on two tutorials we wrote (background removal AI and sound editing tools). The first process grade was also completed this week. After talking to our instructor, we prepared two presentations for the client and let them pick the direction of our subsequent development. In addition, we started to prepare the PPT for the half presentation.

Promethean Research in Museum Lab

On Monday we went to the museum’s laboratory to study the practical use of promethean, and after some research we found three main problems with it:

  • First, it uses a closed Android system, which means it doesn’t support any external software installation, so if we continue to develop existing tools based on unity, we won’t be able to use them on it.
  • Secondly, compared to what we knew before (promethean supports interaction with 10 people at the same time), it can only support interaction with 3-4 people.
  • Finally, it has some problems with the signal connection, which will lead to frequent disconnection during the use of the process.
    Funny mistake happened “Refreash”
    Testing promethean
    ooking for propriate place to install projector
    No signal!

    Playtest about background removing and audio editing

    On Tuesday we went to the main campus to test our tutorials on background removal and audio editing, which were finally compiled into the following document:

    0220-Playtesting Note – Google Docs


    1. Most users with different backgrounds think the tutorial is easy to follow.
    2. Most users believe has simpler user interface than photoshop.
    3. Most users believe is easier to use than software likes photoshop.


    1. The has constrained illustrations with complicated compositions and elements.
    2. Sometimes the website will pop-up authentication, lowering the efficiency of working.
    3. Remove bg is less stable than photoshop. Some users need to refresh the page to remove the background. This situation mostly happens when users upload images with multiple elements and blurry backgrounds.
    Background removal tutorial

    process grade

    We had a process grade with our instructor Ruth this week and everyone received a great deal of guidance and advice, everything went very smoothly, congratulations to our team for completing the first stage of the assessment!

    Two optional plans

    We prepare two optional plans for our client, first one is using promethean but changing our tool to web based software, the other one is using a projector and implementing some Arduino equipment to do the interactive storytelling.

    Here is the link of our client proposal presentation:

    Client Proposals – Google Slides

    PPT of our client proposal presentation

    half presentation preparation

    Next week is our half presentation, we need to present the progress of the existing project and the completed demo and content, we start to create the necessary PPT and start to organize our existing content arrangement, hope that everything will go well.

    Here is the link of our half presentation slides:

    1/2 Presentation – Google Slides

    Half presentation slides

    Programming process

    This week’s program development progress is as follows:

    • Storage and reading and writing of pure data
    • Initialize code documentation

    We are confident about our Half presentation next week and hope to be able to clearly show the results of what we have done.

    Hope we continue to progress and do a great job team!