Dreamward started as a student pitch project at Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center. We created a puzzle-solving game experience combining novel gameplay with amazing art and music inspired by Tang and Tubo cultures.

Back in the Tang dynasty, there were two Chinese princesses, Princess Jincheng and Princess Wencheng, who married to emperors of Tubo for diplomatic purposes. Even though they were living in different generations, they shared very similar fates because of the duty that they were given: maintaining the peace between two empires.

We can’t help but wonder, what if there is popular media, such as a game, that tells a story of such characters. This initial spark quickly became a game idea that we would like to work on for the semester. Note, however, that the game you see now is only a vertical slice of what’s to come in the future where the full story of the princesses will be told.

Play the game: https://unveil2022.itch.io/dreamward

Watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/Ocw3QiQvQF4

Watch the full gameplay(spoiler): https://youtu.be/P8N2Gciwh7I

For information and support, contact unveilstudio666@gmail.com