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Week 7 – Halves!


It’s the halves week! Aside from preparing our slide deck and rehearsal, we decided to further spend some time polishing our build, with the goal of making the entire experience fully playable from lobby hosting to 3D Scene building.

Playable Demo

In the latest version we made several changes:

  • Prompt Selection is implemented. Prompt selection is a big part of the experience and we have not been able to implement it in our previous playtest. Now it’s fully functional with two players picking the prompt collaboratively. The library is scriptable meaning that we can easily change words in the future.
  • Hovered objects are now highlighted. One of the biggest obstacles we found during our playtest was that it was really hard to drag objects. This is mainly because users are not able to tell if their mouse is hovering the object’s collider box. We added a highlight feature to indicate if a user is selecting an object.
  • Property Panel pops up when an object is selected. In order to pave the way for our future development of blocking programming we added a property panel that displays different properties of an object. For now, it only has its name and the user created the object.

Halves Slide Deck

Below is the finalized slide deck for our halves presentation.

Halves Presentation

Below is the recording of our halves presentation!