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Week 9 – Playtest & Let’s Add More Blocks!


This week we had a few more playtest sessions to test our block programming phase. We’ve also added a few more Blocks to support the creation of more complex animations.

More Blocks!

In addition to adding real-time synchronization to our programming experience, we added 4 new Blocks:

  1. Rotate (Character, Axis, Degree, Duration)
  2. Dialog (Character, Text, Duration)
  3. Start Animation (Character, AnimationName)
  4. Stop Animation (Character)

Rotate block takes character, axis, degree and duration, and upon execution rotates the specified character X Degrees around the specified axis, for the duration of Y Seconds.

Dialog block takes character, text and duration and upon execution generates a text bubble on top of the character with the specified text for X seconds.

Start Animation Block takes the character and animation name, and upon execution, starts the specified animation on the character.

Stop Animation Block takes the character and stops all animation on the specified character.


The demo below shows how two players can add behaviors to their characters and make them animated!