Tuesday Becker

Role: Narrative Designer

Bio: Tuesday is a Producer, Director, Writer focused on the sweet spot between film and interactive, having produced VR, AR, and Film. This semester she’s excited to help craft the narrative, characters, and clues in the team’s murder mystery!

Hello! I’m a Producer and Director focused on the sweet spot between film and interactive, having produced VR, AR, and Film, as well as an animated music video fully rendered in Unreal Engine. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s in Radio, Television, and Film. I decided to further my education at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center to explore the future of immersive storytelling and inter


Hui Feng

Role: Programmer

Bio: Hui Feng is a programmer and tech artist with a special interest in computer graphics, game development, shader creation and optimization, rendering pipeline, tools development, and modeling and texturing.

Liyi Tang

Role: Producer / Artist

Bio: Liyi Tang is a VFX Artist having started with VFX as an undergraduate and having two years of experience creating real-time special FX in Unity and Unreal. Liyi also has experience with 2D and 3D Art.

James Tseng

Role: Game Designer / Programmer

Bio:James Tseng is experienced in creating games in Unity and #C programming. He also has experience with 2D and 3D art creation. James is also a game designer and enthusiastic for learning new skills. 

Katherine Wheeler

Role: Narrative Designer

Bio: Katherine is a Pittsburgh-based designer of narrative and immersive experiences in the physical and digital world. She hopes to apply her experience in narrative and sound design for games to a career in themed-entertainment and experience design.

Jerry (Jingyu) Xie

Role: Game Designer / Assistant Producer

Bio: Jingyu Xie is a game designer and developer with multidisciplinary backgrounds varying from game designing, programming, and sound production. With the passion of creating virtual worlds that everyone can enjoy, he selected the game development field during undergraduate period, and he is still on his way to the target.