Week 8

In this week, we were working on making a workable demo that can be tested. Game Development For game development part, we put all finished clues into the game (without images). Also, we made the tutorial level (Bishop’s Memory) with the body and interest points in the map. Though it’s placeholder right now, we will […]

Week 7 (Half!)

Half Presentation In this week, we had our half presentation on Wednesday, and received some useful feedbacks from our advisors and professors. Demo Video Link Game Development For tech part, we have the function of navigating through the map by using Action Points. And the map zoom-in and zoom-out function is on our schedule, Also, […]

Week 6

Game Development In this week, we have a simple game demo with rough structure that can demonstrate the idea of our game. We finished the selection phase (players select characters), the puzzle system, simple puzzle interactions, and the UI layout. Puzzle System UI Layout Character Selection & Character Info Read Besides, the background story for […]

Week 5

Game Development Since week 5, we started working on the development part of the project. As mentioned in previous blogs, our game is constructed with several smart phones and a host (Computer). So we use Unity 2022.1.12f1 and Photon for our development. Rather than finishing the photon set up, we completed the bag system, collecting […]

Week 4

Narrative In this week, we had some significant narrative parts like character backgrounds, motivations, and story outline done. Playtest Based on that, we come out a complete paper prototype and we went through our prototype in playtest, and received some feedback in both the narrative and the mechanic (puzzles) part. Feedbacks: 2/7 Playtest Notes Todos: […]

Week 3 (Quarter!)

In this week, we go through our quarter test, and received some feedbacks. Quarter Presentation We summarized our project goals, design pillars, technology targets, art styles, and world settings for quarter presentation: Puzzle Designs Furthermore, we started working on our paper prototype, and designed some puzzles for our game’s investigation phase: World Settings Besides, we […]

Week 2

Researched more games, brainstorming initial design concepts, prepared for quarter, team bonding! Game Research 4 : Goose Goose Duck Goose Goose Duck is a game with players separated to three sides – goose, middle, and duck. It’s kind of like among-us. Game Concept Brainstorming & Game Design Flowchart Based on all games we played, we […]

Week 1

Started research on various Murder Mystery games! Game Research 1: Tabletop – Clue Clue is a collaborative tabletop where players solve puzzles together to reveal different areas of house and find clues to deduce the truth behind a murder. During playing, we conclude some pros and cons of Clue: Game Research 2: Mobile Game – […]