Week 10

In week 10, we are working on fixing bugs and polishing our games by putting more art and UI assets in the game. Besides, we have 5 playtests with each has 6 playtesters on our our Satuarday’s playtest day.

On the Tech Side, we:

Accusation Phase

Vote for Murder
Murder is selected
Verify the murder in PC
Final Part about player secrets

On the Art Side, we:

Playtest Day Feedbacks

During the playtest day on April.1st.2023, Satuarday, we had 5 playtests in total, with each have 6 playtesters.

And during playtests, we received severl feedbacks on our problems on both the tech side, and the user interaction side. The main issue during the playtest day was the connection auto break for ios, and some phones are unable to find the room at browse room menu. Besides that, we have other feedbacks on our game design and narrative parts. We organized all of them and come out a list of things we need to do for the future weeks.