Week 11

In week 11, we were working on improving our games based on the feedbacks we received from last week’s playtests. Also, we conducted 2 playtests virtually with one of our teammemeber’s friends family.

Project Progress

On the Priority tasks, we:

On the Tech Side, we:

Besides, we try to fix the auto disconnect issue when there’s no action for 10 seconds on ios, and when the phone screen is closed for both android and ios. However, since the connection automatically breaks when the website is put to the background (close the screen or switch to other apps), and the photon clear the initiated player controller in such situation, we have the following solutions:

  1. Solve the automatic disconnection by keeping the website running even they are in background.
  2. After diconnection happens, allow the player to rejoin the room after game starts.
  3. Make the phone automatically reconnect after disconnecting.

Unfortunatelly, because of the contruction issue (our player controller is initiated after the game started), both solution may take us a lot of time to achieve.

This bug is not unsolvable, but may take longer than we expected. Since we still have a lot of things to polish, we decide to push this problem back first.

On the Art side, we:

Virtual Playtests

April.5th.2023 Virtual Playtest

For the first virtual playtest, we have 5 playtesters in age range 20 – 30, 1 teammember + 5 playtesters in this game. The attached is the notes and feedbacks from April.5th playtest.

April.6th.2023 Playtest

For the second virtual playtest, we have 6 playtesters in age range 25 – 50.

Playtests Summary

  1. The unstable connection of ios is still a hard problem, we need to consider how to solve this problem.
  2. tutorial video should be completed ASAP to make sure players understand how to play this game.
  3. some of the clues are too obvious and may not fit our thought of letting players to hide their secret by hiding this clue.