Week 12

In week 12, we completed the reconnection function so players are able to rejoin even if they disconnect automatically. Besides, we polish the game a little to make the user interaction more fluent. Furthermore, we conducted 2 more playtests virtually.

Project Progress

On the Priority tasks, we:

On the Tech side, we:

Start Menu Animations

For PC
For Phone

IOS Disconnect Problem

One priority task we completed for this week is the reconnect function. To go deeper to this function, as mentioned in week 11’s blog, we tried all 3 options to solve this problem.

On the Art Side, we:

Tutorial Pages

Part of Tutorial in Investigation Phase 1
Part of Tutorial in Investigation Phase 2
Part of Tutorial in Discussion Phase 1
Part of Tutorial in Discussion Phase 2

Detective Board Art & Map Art

New Detective Board with Classification Areas

Map for Street Corner Memory

Virtual Playtests

April.11th. 2023 Playtest

In the the first playtest, we have 4 playtesters in age range 20 – 30 + 2 teammembers.

April.15th. 2023 Playtest

For our second playtest, we invited back our previous playtesters in April.6th, because they want to complete the whole game. Therefore, we have 6 playtesters in age range 25 – 50.