Week 2, Sept 4, 2023

Technology Tests

We conducted tests on AR technology to verify our capability to develop a detection function within Vuforia. This function involves identifying the shape and location of a tree, and subsequently overlaying a virtual world onto the real object through a mobile phone.

Character Design Mood Board

Characteristics, Preferences, and Event Triggers Characters in our AR world are born with distinct characteristics, giving them individuality. They choose the blocks they prefer to interact with, setting the stage for a variety of experiences. Events are triggered based on the characters’ status and preferences. Importantly, the outcomes of these events are determined by underlying data, creating a rich and immersive narrative.


Key Drive: The development of the characteristics of the character.

Character-Block Interaction

Our project’s core revolves around the interaction between characters and blocks. This intricate dance between characters and the various blocks they encounter adds depth and complexity to our AR world. It’s this dynamic relationship that keeps users engaged and eager to explore further.

Experience Rules

Indirect Control and Unpredictability: Our project is all about creating an AR world that keeps users engaged and entertained. To achieve this, we’re leaning into the concept of indirect control. Users may not always get the outcomes they intended, adding an element of surprise and unpredictability. Most results and choices within the AR world are calculated using percentages and randomness, ensuring that each interaction feels fresh and dynamic.

Block Rules

Life, Entertainment, Adventure, and Market, each with its unique characteristics. The “Life” block caters to basic needs and helps characters refuel their energy. On the other hand, the “Entertainment” block offers less dangerous activities but comes at the cost of energy. Meanwhile, the “Adventure” block provides more thrilling experiences, also at an energy cost. Additionally, we’ve introduced the concept of a virtual “Market” for online interactions, enriching the user experience.

Back-End AI Data Development

It revolves around three key components: Desire, Power, and Energy. “Desire” reflects whether a character wants to go to a specific block and trigger an event. “Power” determines the likelihood of certain results. “Energy” helps maintain the pace of the game, preventing characters from leveling up too quickly and ensuring a balanced experience.