Put Together a town, Observe the creatures, Discover the moments.

  • Week 14, Dec.4, 2023

    3D Printing Marathon Our 3D printing marathon is well underway, and as of Monday, we successfully completed 16 out of the 26 pieces needed for the Tree. Kudos to the team for their hard work and dedication! Now, it’s time to buckle down and focus on the remaining 10 pieces. The goal is to have…

  • Week 13, Nov.27, 2023

  • Week 12, Nov.20, 2023

  • Week 10, Nov.6, 2023

    Revision based on Playtest Building system Block Ideas MUSHROOM MODULE fLYING GROUND hunting place Trampoline Haunt House

  • Week 9(Playtest), Oct.30, 2023,

    Playtest Plan

  • Week 8, Oct.23, 2023

    This week, we are conducting hardware tests to establish the electricity connection, refining 3D printing model designs, brainstorming fresh concepts for various modules, and contemplating a novel restaurant idea to enhance the overall gameplay experience. Hardware Module Ideas Dragon – sword, golden cup, crown, ring, diamond, golden plate,  Fishing – fish/trash, gain anything Haunted house:…

  • Week 7, Oct.8 2023

    Half Presentation An augmented reality (AR) experience that allows players to collaborate, gather, and decorate within the integrated environment Iterations Dragon Module Interaction What’s Next ArchiToy is currently in the process of improving its pitch decks following the Half Presentation. We are actively developing a cohesive narrative to connect and unify our design elements.

  • Week 6, Oct 2, 2023

    Iteration 3: Combination of Interaction +Observation An augmented reality (AR) experience that allows players to collaborate, gather, and decorate within the integrated environment. Collaborate Eg. Help the characters fight the dragon Eg. Help the characters to fish gather Seeds, badges, habitat that will attract creatures decorate Plant seeds Hang badges  Set up small habitats Daily…

  • Week 5, Sep 25, 2023

    PRODUCTION PROGRESS During this week, our focus is on developing the Base Tree Assets, generating Concept Art for fundamental blocks, and implementing the painting function, a central feature for decorating. Adorn – Flower Generation Demo TREE MODEL Base Block Design

  • Week 4, Sept 18, 2023

    From “Observation” to “Interaction” This week, we’re transitioning our focus from “observation” to “interaction” in response to the valuable feedback we received during the quarter critiques. These critiques highlighted several key areas for improvement: CHARACTERS ADORN TRANSITIONS USER FLOW

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