Week 9(Playtest), Oct.30, 2023,

Playtest Plan

  1. What do they feel about the dragon interaction?
  2. Tell me about the control of the dragon. Describe what you did in the dragon interaction?
  3. Do you feel fun to achieve the goal?
  1. What do they feel about the whole cycle?
  2. Which stage are their favorite? – decorating, interaction, exploring?
  3. Can you beat the dragon in the right amount of time? (whithin 3 min?)
  4. Do you want to come back to check the tree on the next day?

Playtet Results

Group 1 (13+ Boys & Girls & Parents):

Interest in the introduction and sound importance.
Suggestion to use character body language for introduction.
Desire for a walking experience.

Group 2 (5-13 Little Kids & Parents):

Little girl observed the environment extensively.
Young kids engaged in dragon fight and enjoyed decoration activities.
Manual with oral introduction considered sufficient.
Excitement in beating the dragon, followed by exploration and zoom features.

Group 3 (13 Boys):

Attempts to zoom in using the screen.
Feedback on poofs’ size and color visibility.
Interest in functional decorations.
Suggested larger UI size.
Mixed feedback on drag functionality.

Group 4 (Adult Female):

Perception of dragon fight difficulty.
Challenge in determining successful aim.
Concerns about environment scale.
Importance of explaining tap absence during aiming.
Appreciation for poof placement ability.

Group 5 (Age 15 & 19 Girls):

Appreciation for decoration aspect.
Liked the small scale, finding it cute and space-efficient.
Feedback on the slow battle process.
Interest in close examination with AR.

Group 6 (17, 18 Male):

Suggestion to balance decoration sizes.
Desire to aim dragon by dragging the cursor.
Favorite part is fighting the dragon.
Request for more simultaneous poof battles.

Group 7 (18, 20 Male):

Feedback on small poofs and desire for zoom-in function.
Active exploration of the environment.
Challenges with picking up poofs.
Uncertainty about interactable elements.
Suggested vibration for enhanced interaction.

Group 8 (Female):

Surprise and initial difficulty.
Comfort after understanding the system.
Enjoyment of environment observation.
Desire for poofs’ interaction with the environment.
These diverse insights highlight the varied experiences and preferences of different user groups, providing valuable feedback for refining and enhancing the overall gaming experience.

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