Week 10, Nov.6, 2023

Revision based on Playtest

  • Universal input system (Aiming) for picking up character, all module and decoration
  • Add indication to the characters and change color when they are aimed
  • Fasten the gameplay for dragon module
  • UI: When aim is completed, give vibration feedbacks

Building system

Block Ideas

  • Random Generated circle 
  • Aim to guide the player flying through the circle
  • Characters are riding on a ladybug
  • Go through certain amount of circles in a limited time to win
hunting place
  • Random generated animals, only appears for a certain time periods
  • Aim toward the animal to catch them, if didn’t fill the circle within the appearing time, it fails
  • Catch certain amount of animals in a limited time to win
  • Press button to jump
  • While in the air, aim at floating ball for character to do actions
  • Calculate the points
Haunt House
  • Poofs go for an adventure in the graveyard.
  • Ghost randomly appears behind the graves
  • Aim for enough time at the ghosts to let them leave
  • If failed, poofs will be scared and run away
  • If succeed, poofs can keep discovering
  • If you keep all ghosts away. Poofs can find precious in the castle.
  • You win rewards