Week 13, Nov.27, 2023

Trampoline Module

There are spiders living in a farmland collecting fruits into the box.
Immeis leap into action as fruits are tossed into the air, skillfully altering their trajectory to ensure a precise landing inside the box.

Collaborate with immie to help spiders to pass fruits by
– Aiming at fruits while it is tossed in air.

Rewards are fruit!

Customized by feeding hungry immies.

Gameplay updates

This week, we are continuing to iterate on the dragon module and the mushroom module. Before the week began, the two modules were functional. However, based on the latest playtests, we’ve identified numerous details in the UX that need improvement. As we continue iterating, we plan to showcase the updated versions next week

3D Printing Updates

So far, we have successfully printed 3/4 of the tree pieces and assembled 2 of the tree modules. We have access to one printer on the main campus, and Steve at ETC is assisting us in printing additional pieces. Therefore, with optimism, we anticipate completing the full tree by the beginning of next week.

Character Updates

We transitioned the character design from a handful of distinctive ones to a flock of similar ones. This shift aligns with the game’s theme of harmony and peace, where mild characteristics are essential for the setting. Here is the new design of the characters, and they are now named Immie (Immies).