Week 14, Dec.4, 2023

Festival Trailor

3D Printing Marathon

Our 3D printing marathon is well underway, and as of Monday, we successfully completed 16 out of the 26 pieces needed for the Tree. Kudos to the team for their hard work and dedication! Now, it’s time to buckle down and focus on the remaining 10 pieces. The goal is to have them all printed by the end of the week so that on the last day, we can seamlessly glue them together, paint them, and seal the paint.

Module Development Challenges

While our 3D printing is making strides, we’re facing some challenges in the development of our mushroom and trampoline modules. The mechanics of the trampoline module are not quite polished yet, and we need to invest some extra effort to ensure a smooth and engaging user experience. Let’s rally together, share ideas, and overcome these hurdles.

Gameplay Refinement

The gameplay of the mushroom module is still in the works.

The refined version of the dragon module includes strengthened feedback mechanisms and UX design improvements based on the feedback received during the soft opening playtests.

The Trampoline module is under development.

UI Guidance Enhancement

Our user interface is a critical aspect of the ARchiToys experience, and we’re committed to making it top-notch. As we refine the guidance for each module, let’s aim to build anticipation before each interaction. A seamless and well-guided experience will elevate the overall user satisfaction. Keep iterating, testing, and refining until we achieve that perfect balance.