Week 6, Oct 2, 2023

Iteration 3: Combination of Interaction +Observation

An augmented reality (AR) experience that allows players to collaborate, gather, and decorate within the integrated environment.


Eg. Help the characters fight the dragon

Eg. Help the characters to fish


Seeds, badges, habitat that will attract creatures


Plant seeds

Hang badges 

Set up small habitats

Daily Experience Flow

1. Check Character’s activities
2. Check plants’ conditions
3. Collect flowers from mature plants
4-1. Shop  –  spend currency to buy items that can add on the environment
4-2. Shop
5. Drag the character to a block
6. Do block activity & Gain reward
7. Plant new plants Decorate
8. After a block activity is succeeded, same block can’t be play on the same day 
10. Drag the character to new block

What’s inside the base kit?

Tree Model Complet

Mapping High poly tree scuplture to the low poly model to realize lowpoly model with high poly texture.