Week 8, Oct.23, 2023

This week, we are conducting hardware tests to establish the electricity connection, refining 3D printing model designs, brainstorming fresh concepts for various modules, and contemplating a novel restaurant idea to enhance the overall gameplay experience.


Module Ideas

Dragon – sword, golden cup, crown, ring, diamond, golden plate, 

Fishing – fish/trash, gain anything

Haunted house: help them to avoid traps, eg.by building bridges

Flying ground – bee: guide through circles to gain points

Outdoor Concert Hall: group of mushrooms, each has different pitches

Hunting Place: aim at animals to catch 

The Tribe of Stone Man: Stealth

Trampoline: jump

Leaf Man: Teach them dancing

Knight statue: fight

Cemetery: get rid of the zombies 

Scarab: fight 

3D Printing

We’ve chosen to initiate our 3D printing journey with the dragon module, deferring the printing of the tree components for a later time. Given the substantial size of the tree trunk, which necessitates it being divided into five manageable sections for printing, we’ve opted to commence with the simpler and smaller portions. Nevertheless, we plan to complete the printing of the remaining tree trunk segments over the course of the next two weeks

First Print: Dragion Module. Second Print: Mushroom Module. Thrid Print: Tree Trunk

Dragon module: High Poly for 3D Printing
Dragon module: Low Poly for Gameplay

Maintaining a Tree Restaraunt

Using ingredients(gain from collaborative module activities) to produce product and sell to animal citizens