Week3, 1/4 Walkaround

Core of system: Emotion Connection


Character growth, at its core, is driven by three key data points: Desire, Power, and Energy. Each character’s unique characteristics lead them to different events in various blocks. Desire fuels their journey, determining where they go and what they trigger. Power reflects the results they tend to achieve, showcasing their growth. Energy keeps the pace balanced, preventing rapid leveling. With these elements, character born with distinctive characteristics and able to grow more contrasted personalities.


It’s a delicate balance of influence and autonomy. You can drag and drop your character to a specific block, hoping they’ll follow your command, but there’s always the chance of rejection. It’s this unpredictability that adds depth to their development. And then there’s the option to drag your character to a souvenir or trophy, a glimpse into their background story. These two main interactions – commanding and storytelling – form the crux of character growth, making it an immersive and dynamic experience like no other.

User Flow