Finalized Visuals

We have finalized all the visuals and have packaged them into the controller that we built.

Here is a list of the visuals:

Act 1, Visual 1: Starry Bodies

Act 1, Visual 2: ODU Pattern Tunnel

Act 2, Visual 1: Dotted Outline

Act 3, Visual 1: Pyramid (Growing Squares)

Act 3, Visual 2: War (Bouncy Lines)

Act 4, Visual 1: Tangled Lines

Act 4, Visual 2: Snowy

Here is a list of additional visuals:

Additional 1: ODU Tunnel (Background) + Starry Bodies (Bodies)

Additional 2: Pyramid (Background) + Dotted Outline (Bodies)

Additional 3: Pyramid (Background) + Bouncy Lines (Bodies)

(Exact visual will be updated in the next week’s blog)


Documentation Preparation

We are currently preparing project documentation and system manuals for the collaborator so we can pass the system in their hands when the semester is over

Currently, the documents contain:

Hardware (Hardware walkthrough)

Software (Software walkthrough, Control Panel Introduction, System Tutorials)

Installation Guide (How to install the physical hardware, the software, and how to calibrate)


Post Mortem:

We also start writing our Post Mortem, which will covers the good process during the development, as well as the improvable points that we reflect on.


Finalizing Schedule for Sunday (Demo Shooting)

On this Sunday (April 23rd, 2023), the dancers are flying from Georgia to shoot a visual demo for every visuals above, with an additional 18-20 minute performance.

Here is the timeline for the day:

09:00AM – 09:30AM: Arrive, do introductions, get everything set up

09:30AM – 09:50AM: Sequence 1; Act 1, Test_lyingdown, starry bodies 

09:50AM – 10:10AM: Sequence 2; Act 1, tunnel w/ background

10:10AM – 10:40AM: Sequence 3; Act 2, dotted outline

10:40AM – 11:00AM: Sequence 4; Act 3, cubes / building civilization

11:00AM – 11:30PM: Sequence 5; Act 3, lines / going to war

11:30AM – 12:00PM: Sequence 6; Act 4, tangled lines

12:00PM – 12:20PM: Sequence 7; snowy

12:20PM-12:40PM: Sequence 8; tunnel and starry bodies

12:40PM-1:00PM: Sequence 9; non-interactive pyramid and dotted outline

1:00PM-1:20PM: Sequence 10; non-interactive pyramid and lines/going to war

1:20PM-2:00PM: Lunch

2:00PM-2:30PM: Prepare for final performance

2:30PM-4:00PM: Final performance


Final Presentation:

We also started making our final presentation slides with a general structure:

1.       Team

2.       Overview

3.       Collaborator

4.       Deliverables

5.       African cosmology through technology

6.       Technology Breakdown

7.       Problem of tech and how we tackled them

8.       Narrative and visuals (four acts)

a.       Interest Curve

9.       Video

10.   Client’s package. And controller

11.   What worked well

12.   What we tried and what we learned

13.   Summary


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