Week 14- ETC Fall Festival

December 4th, 2023 – December 10th, 2023

ETC Fall Festival

This week we had the fall festival and our experience went really well! 

To gauge player transformations we asked each player at the festival to complete a pre and post game survey.

In addition to the surveys our PhD consultant Bea also shared an experiment by Danny Pimentel where players were given money and asked to choose which org they would give it to to help find out how the game impacted them.

Taking inspiration from this experiment, we gave the player two wood tokens after completing the game that they could give to mangrove restoration, dolphins or climate crisis solutions. We were really surprised to find that the totals were pretty much even at the end of the festival. 

We also included QR codes that the players could scan if they wanted to learn more about an organization doing work in the field and we were very surprised and excited to find out how many people did this. We felt like this was an encouraging sign that our game helped reach people especially since we didn’t really mention the QR codes.

Below are some of the survey results from the festival. We feel that overall our experience was a success and we look forward to seeing where it goes in the future.