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  • Week 13

    Week 13

    Having Soft Opening on Monday, we have received a lot of feedback from the faculty. With help from the faulty, we built the complete game flow with the alternative controller and installed the environment in the project room. We are getting prepared for the showcase in the festival as it’s getting closer and closer. Installation…

  • Week 12

    Week 12

    This week, we kept working on building the special controller for the cemetery gameplay. We have set up the miniature of the cemetery scene with the touch frame, and with tests, the miniature of the cemetery works with the digital game. Though we had Thanksgiving Holiday this week, we still prepared for Soft Opening next…

  • Week 11

    Week 11

    This week, we focused on building the alternative controller and took part in the Playtest Night. With discussion both in team and with faculty, we finally decided on the experience we are going to build for our game. Playtest Night We asked a few playtesters to playtest our game, and have received much feedback. Playtest…